MTTB SYSTEM HONEST Review – How To Make Real MOney Online With this System

So I decided to take the plunge with both feet creating a live case study for you guys showing you what I’m doing, how I’m doing it and most importantly – how much money it makes from scratch without established traffic sources.
At the same time I want to test what happens if I combine out sourced writing with automation marketing using bots/software. I’ll reveal the full details later in the post.
In essence I want to try and make high value commissions while doing as little work as possible – that is the dot com dream right?
It will also be great to put the controversial program to the test and draw a solid conclusion on it once and for all. I’m more than happy to take the risks and invest my time and money into testing it for you guys.
Important Note: In order for MTTB to protect their business model I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). That means I can’t legally reveal some specifics but I can still show you what I’m doing/how I’m doing it.
What Is MTTB?

Before I get into the details of the live case study let’s take a closer look at what MTTB actually is.
MTTB stands for My Top Tier Business and is part of the MOBE collection of products. It is a 21 step training system that teaches you how to make money online & license high converting done for you products & sales funnels.