Hey guys I hope you are all well, I know it is back to school season and I thought Id share with you some of the best University money saving hacks!
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  1. I’m on my second year of uni . I have three bank account for different
    purpose(my way of managing money ).I will save and gather money in a main
    account . I think I’m a person who organise money(nt only money tho) pretty
    well . ‘Budgeting’ is the most important thing ever! Do not over spend ! I
    work part time as well for extra saving . I wasn’t born rich I know how
    important money is ! Love xoxo

  2. great informative video! I wish I had thought of those things earlier but I
    feel more positive about how I am going to manage my money at uni 🙂 x

  3. Another hack for you guys: Leave the UK and go study abroad (in continental
    Europe), it is way cheaper and better.

  4. i am going to try to manage but i feel like this is easier said than done
    lol but im going to try to remain positive

  5. +Infinitedreams oooooo i see an exo-l 😅😅 what country are you going uni
    in if you dont mind me asking ? (UK for me ^^)

  6. Really good video. I’m in my final year now so I’ve learnt all the hard
    lessons lol. I don’t know about referring to overdrafts as ‘free money’
    even if it’s interest free. I know this video is sponsored by Natwest but
    first year students really don’t need to be hearing that misleading free
    money business lol.

  7. +Ikram Farah Well since I can’t afford going abroad I have to go to uni in
    my country(Bulgaria) but I have to leave home because my uni is another
    city,really far away from mine.

  8. I do the same. Organising money makes everything easy not to over spend.
    Even if everyone thinks I am crazy. Its crazier to be broke than organised

  9. Hi Patricia. If possible, can you do a video on preparing for
    post-university life? What to expect, how to make yourself stand out on job
    applications, etc. Thx

  10. Thank you so much for your advice Patricia! It’s always nice having a
    person like you, advising young people like myself, in such a sweet and
    friendly way. Greetings from Greece 💜💜💜

  11. Ahem college kid here here are my tips: try to stick to one major, not sure
    what you want to do? Go in as undecided. Next cook! $30 a day on food is so
    not worth it, try to save as much as possible. Textbooks? Rent them, borrow
    them, pdf, there are cheaper ways.

  12. Nice move from the government but don’t you have to be a finnish citizen in
    order to get that student allowance ? Yeah, I’ve heard about free education
    in Scotland for EU citizens but does it include master degrees as well or
    only bachelors ?

  13. +Kim Fuller saw your first comment about too young to get it im really not
    i just dont pay attention 😂😭 i acc thought it was because baking soda
    cleans everything so youll save money on cleaning products

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