Do It Yourself IN THE HOUSE EYELASH EXPANSIONS I’m most likely to reveal to you just how I use my eyelash expansions that last for approximately 4 weeks. Naturally this is not the specialist method to do it however if you’re somebody like me that likes to do whatever at your home on yourself this would certainly be wonderful for you!


  1. I see those individual false eyelashes at the beauty supply store and I
    always choose over them for full false lashes. I think I’ll try this
    because I’ve been wanting to get lash extensions for some time now, and you
    make it look so easy!

  2. Does this actually last for 2 to 3 weeks? Don’t you have to remove them
    overnight or won’t they come off when you take a shower? I’m new to makeup
    and I would like to try this. Thank you!

  3. Oh, you mean individual lashes not lash extensions. I’ll stick to getting
    them done professionally as once you get them done u only go in for refills
    monthly. It’s HALF the price and HALF the time. $60/1hr.

  4. I can’t imagine these lasting 2-3 weeks since they fell out after 1 day on
    your snapchat. I tried these out and they never lasted more than 1 day then
    I had 3-4 cluster left and I lost a few lashes. It a cheaper alternative
    but not worth it!

  5. Ellie Jo these are long lasting, they don’t come off in the shower or at
    night and they last about 2-3 weeks

  6. oh this is really nice, love the look. thanks for the diy i think i might
    give it a try, I’ve had eyelashes done professionally before but only once.
    and yes they can be costly so maybe i would try this and see how it works

  7. love love it Sister u look Dammm Beautiful in them I need to learn what
    Pounds are I have no idea how much that is please explain in a Video I am
    from Los Angeles ca

  8. Jackcrackalinpop As long as you use a good glue they will not come off. It
    has to be glue for individual lashes.

  9. Fab Kandy Nail blogging magzine Pounds is European money. $1 USD = .81
    pound. US money is worth less than a pound.

  10. On snapchat the ones that fell off were from the “TEST-EYE”, she used that
    eye to test it first she said it herself. They can last 2-3 weeks, you just
    have to use the right glue, maybe you weren’t using a good glue or

  11. nubi vagant neither can I! I think it’s just because the strip is so long,
    personally. So maybe these will be easier

  12. it’s priced based on the area. in LA its 100$/hr for a 2-3 week touchup so
    its worth to do it alone

  13. they look cute! I feel like it would be a weird feeling to have something
    glued to your face though.

  14. Faith E I used the same glue and different but similar one as well as the
    same techniques. I also watched numerous YT videos and they never lasted
    2-3 weeks. And there has been so many testimonies just like mine.

  15. Do you wash your face with them on or do you just avoid washing your eye
    area when they’re on which would mean no mascara either? How would you
    clean them if you were to wear mascara?

  16. +Ephemeral Liberty That’s a shame mines last 2 weeks usually and I give my
    self facials & exfoliates 2-4 times a week. Maybe you use alot of oil based
    products that could weaken the glue bonding.

  17. XtinaLucia She said they last 2-3 weeks if you get the right type of glue
    which I’d say counts as lash extensions! Even when you get them done in a
    salon the lash extensions are made up of individuals 😊