Elementio I think you need it !

Elementio I think you need it !
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You might have a beautiful page to display products and services that you offer.
No matter how beautiful the page is,it needs additional elements that encourage your web-visitors to take action.

By elements, what we mean here is the animated characters, the polls, product boxes and the likes.
What if you can add all this on top of your existing page with ease?
A new tool- Elementio that is launching tomorrow lets you do just that.

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Elementio is a one-stop solution you need to add on appealing elements on top of your existing page.
Not just that, this tool offers a whole new way to curate content.
Now, you can add these elements on top of other people’s designs and share it on your social media.
Elementio comes with a host of other features which included link shortners, advanced analytics and a lot more

Elementio is the most sophosticated app that is built to generate leads using pop ups, notification boxes, countdown timers, animated characters and evertything that you can ever think of using to capture leads!

You can add these elements to any website, wordpress blogs or even add them in your favourite page builders. With drag & Drop element placement and realtime “Responsive Page” preview, nothing can beat elementio for its user-friendliness.