Hey guys, well isn't this a surprise no weave patricia 'Gasps' lol. Not really I hope you enjoy this tutorial ALL LINKS BELOW! XOXOXOXO

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  1. Love this video, I have very different hair, I’m white and mine is so thin
    that it looks like I have none in a pony or bun so I wear a weave all the
    time. It’s so good to show that yes you can look amazing and glamorous and
    like you have long flowing shiny hair even if you’re not born like that
    naturally. It’s funny how just some hair can give so much confidence but
    for me, it really does x

  2. +Sarah smith I know how your feel, when I straighten my hair, it’s as thin
    as paper! That’s why I leave it natural and just give it a blow dry! A
    weave totally adds some glamour 😘

  3. What do you think about the UK leaving EU?

    Best thing ever, the UK will be a democratic country once more

  4. Hi! I am from Norway, but I was wondering what will the consequences be for
    everyday people? I am sorry if I sound stupid:)

  5. Hey, this might be a stupid question but is the weave sewn onto clips (did
    you do it yourself?) or did you buy it like this? Xx

  6. +Dee Bee try hairsisters.com I recently watched a review on a gorgeous
    synthetic wig I purchased from a overly priced beauty supply in NY and wish
    I had known before about this site even w/the s/h…so much less than what
    I spent.😕

  7. +SINE xo I find it ok. sometimes with wigs I order them straight from the
    US shop and pay delivery £20 usually, cheaper than a flight to the US :-p

  8. its great to see that your hair has gotton very healthy since I last saw
    when I used to watch your hair channel!! Lol a lot has happened hehe!!

  9. +JMJ4life mine too. even tho i have dreads, the front of my hair took
    longer to lock and still do (new growth)

  10. I dont think she does. my edges (infact the entire front of my hair) tend
    to be much straighter than the rest of my hair. But am just speculating.
    You could be right.

  11. Is this what 4c hair looks like? Btw I love your hair, natural or
    extensions it’s so pretty!!

  12. +ann bowen exactly! That is 4c hair, 4c hair will show curls while weighed
    down with water. She also looks like those edges are touched with relaxer,
    but that is definitely 4c hair.

  13. +jadenight0 not that it really matters but someone with 4a hair type will
    look more like Naptural85’s hair. Patricia is 4c

  14. Do you relax your hair often? For me, because my hair is soft, relaxing
    does not work for me as my hair breaks easily. Any advice?

  15. Part 2 wash hair apply strengthener of choice, rinse, deep condition, style
    as you like. I blow dry and bun. Wk 7 I usually wait two weeks after henna
    to wash my hair (cos Am going grey so I need the color to stay put)which is
    a deep moisture treatment. If I’m using hardcore protein, it would be wk 6.
    Wk 7 or 8 start the process all over. This is how my hair became pliable,
    strong and long. If am swimming during the summer I’ll wear braids. If am
    in America for the winter I usually wear braids too. But if not I wear my
    hair all year round. Hope this helps.

  16. I have the same problem and here is my regimen. Week one wash with
    softening shampoo, use regular conditioner( don’t deep condition) apply
    keratin( I use kanechom) blow dry and go to my beautician to flat iron; I
    don’t mess around with flat ironing my hair. Wk 2 deep moisture treatment;
    it’s like co washing to the next level. Apply moisturizing mask, put hair
    in plastic cap and deep condition for 20 mins. Let hair cool for about 5
    mins and then rinse. Wash hair with conditioner. Apply protein conditioner,
    plastic cap and sit under dryer, 10 mins. Cool, rinse and style however you
    want; I usually blow dry and bun. Wk 3 elasticizer wash, deep condition
    with elasticizer rinse and style; I roller set because this is when I get
    the juiciest bounciest curls. Week 4 deep moisture treatment. Wk 5
    strengthening you can use hard core protein or henna. Please don’t use
    both. I switch from henna to protein after 6 months. Part 2 is in the next

  17. Have you tried a protein treatment or a deep conditioner. I didnt take care
    if my hair when it was relaxed, but I think if I applied the same practices
    to it that I currently do with my natural hair, my relaxed hair would have
    been healthier.

  18. Shea moisture is great for any type if curly hair, I use the coconut range
    and noticed alot of improment even though my hair is not the tight African

  19. Love it! You inspire my beauty related videos on YouTube! I love u lol. Ps
    I just hit 100 subscribers!❤️