Hey lovelies, so today I wanted to share my updated haircare routine and a few easy tips for hair growth. Since having a baby my hair was shedding like crazy and I pretty much lost all my edges, but since incorporating these simple steps I've seen a complete turnaround.

Edges are back on fleek, shedding is to a minimal, and my hair is fuller and longer! I hope these tips help some of you who are struggling just like I was.
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  1. How do you have 4b/4c hair and can flat iron it without getting heat
    damage? 🤔I don’t understand. I wish god blessed me with that ability.

  2. krysta lindo I have 4b/4c too. I deep condition before straightening and
    use a lightweight heat protectant. I notice when I get my blow out to be
    really straight, my straight hair lasted much longer.

  3. thanks for sharing your natural hair with us. i think we all sometimes
    forget that sleek, glamorous hair takes an effort and a lot of people can
    get initially discouraged when they see how their hair looks like straight
    after shower. you are beautiful in and out <3

  4. Ahh thank you, I like it either way, but yes a lot off effort is required
    but it is worth it in the end!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m a mommy of a two-year-old son and I went
    through postpartum shedding really really bad. And I still have yet to
    recover my edges I recover the top part it was my crown area that suffer
    really bad as well. But it’s slowly but surely grown back now

  6. Try rubbing a little black jamaican castor oil onto you scalp like twice a
    week or daily if you can tolerate its richness.

  7. Since I movie to Germany my nice full hair fall out everytime I wash are
    comb it really sucks and I don’t know why😑😐 going to try this Hair Bear.

  8. Do you relax your edges or straighten them. I love your videos by the way,
    very high quality

  9. +Chisom Anyanwu oh okay i thought so. does she keep relaxing them? the
    reason i ask is i relax my edges and they grow out so quickly and i don’t
    want to relax them again, I’m afraid they will fall off

  10. T Lang Thank You! That’s my Holy Grail I use JBCO all the time it has help
    me a lot. 😊

  11. Hey Patricia! I’ve started my natural hair journey and I’ve noticed my hair
    can get really dry at times as well. Do have any tips for some inexpensive
    moisturizing products? Thanks, and your hair looks amazing!

  12. Colder weather really affects ur hair if its not ur norm. My moms bra strap
    length hair went to shoulder length the first winter we were in Canada
    cause she didn’t know how to maintain against the weather, protective
    styles &moisture!

  13. Mfon akwa ibom? Same here. Idk if Pat will reply but to help, try doing the
    green house gas method (youtube it), deep condition often. Your hair is
    probably not use to regular moisture so it will take time for it to adjust.
    I know in my first months it took 3-4 months. Your hair to an extent will
    always feel dry, but thats how afro texture is, just make sure you
    moisturized it regularly.

  14. I WISH I had thinner hair! Mine is SO thick and if I want to straighten or
    blowdry it, it just looks like a pom pom. Plus it take hours. But when my
    afro get big, the puff is gonna look so cute so I’ll live.

  15. My hair is like Black Power thick, but I need to grow my edges. I really
    want to try the Sugar Bear gummies.

    Other tips include a satin bonnet and hot six oil as moisturizer. I find
    castor oil really grows hair too.

    Right now, I’m currently using Fertilizing Temple Balm from ORS and
    Rosemary oil. My edges have started growing. I want to get more castor oil
    to include in the routine.

  16. Applying heat to ur hair I think is a bit overdramatised in the natural
    hair community 😩 as long as u are smart , use right products and don’t do
    it often (she does it once a month which is a great time in btw
    straightens) ur fine imo!😄

  17. Patricia your natural hair is so nice. I feel like you’re damaging it with
    heat and over manipulation especially the edges. Also for those who can’t
    afford the sugar bear gummies there’s biotin. Much cheaper and makes hair
    grow like crazy.

  18. Your natural hair looks health and shiny! ✨ I would love to try those Sugar
    Bear vitamins 😄

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