Ok guys so today I thought it was important for me to lay my cards on the table and share how I've been feeling of late, we have all been there and even the strongest have a breaking point. I truly appreciate all your comments and love, I just wanted to put this out there before I come back to youtube xoxoxox


  1. The Internet is such a wonderful place to interact with people….but at
    the same time it is a thing that can bring someone to become very insecure.
    Some post their daily lives on social media which may make them seem
    perfect and others will aspire to be the perfect person that is impossible
    to achieve! Thank you for being so honest & open with us <33ο»Ώ

  2. we all humana you are more than allowed to feel down … like you said we
    all just have to use that and came out on the other side😘😘

  3. That comment about you going on holiday was disgusting. Regardless of the
    preconceptions people like to put on you you’re human like the rest of us
    just glad to hear you’re doing alright. Loving your hair πŸ‘Œ

  4. Watched your snapchat in class!! Rushed to the cafe to watch this, thank
    you so much for this video. Thank you so much for this video, really. It
    feels great to relate to this with my friends I usually encourage and happy
    person, but then my sister had to go through chemo. I found a wall that I
    couldn’t talk to my friends about it or anyone. I felt like I was loosing
    the person I was most close to. They didn’t even know she had this terrible
    disease, glory to God she overcame it, but I still feel so stripped from
    that whole experience. I felt like if I expressed sadness I would lose the
    people I loved. Again thanks for this videoο»Ώ

  5. That hair

  6. thank God you’re sister overcame it – God is good!! I can’t begin to
    imagine how you felt x

  7. Square peg, raise you hands! βœ‹πŸΎ

    Thank you for being so open and honest, Patricia. I’m going through a
    similar season where I need to keep my thinking focused and correct because
    it can be challenging to not be down on yourself and speak negatively about
    current circumstances. But when a season is ordained, it’s up to us to push
    through and come out better than ever! Looking forward to seeing what you
    have up your sleeves. You’re a hard working woman, and you are truly
    blessed! ❀️

  8. proverbs 23:7 what a man thinkest in his heart, so is he. as hard as it may
    sometime seem, do think positive and rebuke the negative thoughts.
    Remember, greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.
    #Godislove .ο»Ώ

  9. Patriciaaaa!! This touched me on the deepest level and honestly I have
    struggled with insecurity so much. I’m a Christian myself and I know I’m
    made in God’s image and to His likeness but gosh, sometimes it’s hard! I
    just thank you because I can relate to this but I have more motivation to
    put this to a stop. I adore you honestly and I hope the best for you. Keep
    going strong love πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺο»Ώ

  10. Also you are so incredibly beautiful (the hair slaaays) and you’re my
    biggest black role model. I grew up in a predominantly white place and you
    have just inspired me to learn to love myself and embrace my heritage and
    honestly you always slay. I know the comments in your head might be bad but
    honestly you’re so pretty I cant even deal! Love you ❀

  11. I think Youtube, Instagram and other platform puts forth a false sense of
    perfection, it’s easy to be insecure. Our real lives are not these finely
    curated feeds. There will always be naysayers. Keep flourishing, dear! πŸ’—ο»Ώ

  12. I struggle with that mentality of never being good enough/doing something
    well enough. For example, if I ace a test, I will just be like “yeah okay,
    that’s good” but if by any chance doesn’t come out as well as it should’ve,
    I’m so so hard on myself. And I know that it’s okay to not always be on the
    top of your game, but when it comes to it, I just can’t get over that
    mindset. It makes life extremely difficult honestly, and it’s very tiring.ο»Ώ

  13. Haleb forevahh it’s so exhausting when you don’t think you are good enough
    but the best thing to do it’s just spend more time enjoying the good things
    you have achieved

  14. London Afro Vegan Recipes that comment WAS absolutely disgusting.
    Completely out of line and unnecessary. ….. stupid people 😾

  15. You are in too deep.
    I remember commenting about this on that random video you made about
    organising closets literally days after you had your baby.
    You feel like you are not enough because you are not creating enough space
    and time to enjoy the things that you do have.
    Insecurity manifests itself when we don’t sit with ourselves long enough to
    hear the parts of ourselves that matter most.
    And I get it, you have a high-energy personality and you are the type who
    basically can do everything and anything very well, but just because you
    can, doesn’t mean you should. Less really is more and more mostly lessens
    us. Self-care is critical and social media fatigue is real.
    You are a beautiful, strong woman with a sweet daughter and a loving and
    supportive husband.You have built a thriving business. You don’t have
    anything to prove. Take the time to start learning how to fall back and
    wallow in the bounty of your life.
    Grace will only vaguely sense your insecurity now, but later she will watch
    you, then pattern you. If you don’t take the time to ready yourself to
    provide her with the most authentic version of yourself, how unfortunate
    would that be?
    Youtube and your subscribers will be here when you get back.
    Fall back now, so you stand firmer in your future.
    All the very best to you..ο»Ώ

  16. +The Fashion Blogger β™‘ Keep spreading love, I appreciate people such as
    yourself x

  17. +The Fashion Blogger β™‘ Keep spreading love, I appreciate people such as
    yourself x

  18. +The Fashion Blogger β™‘ Keep spreading love, I appreciate people such as
    yourself x

  19. YouTube is a very shallow place let’s be honest although there are many
    pros the cons are we always feel like we need to look good (or as good as
    the next person on YT) people always showing off what they buy etc this is
    why everyone on this “YouTube game” is getting depression/anxiety.
    Fouseytube, itsmyrayray, travisbased and a whole bunch more. I’m just
    waiting on pewdiepie to come out and say his got anxiety or something like
    that cause lord knows how he deals with the pressure lol but anyways God
    bless I’ll keep you in my prayersο»Ώ

  20. God bless you for this video. I’ve been depressed and crying all day. This
    video has come at the most perfect time for me. Thank you, it’s helped me a
    lot today.ο»Ώ

  21. S Bee true. YouTube as progressive as it is has created a seriously
    dangerous culture of comparison especially for us young women. I pull back
    every couple weeks and take a break from even watching.

  22. You are brilliant. I’m 54 and I remember the self-doubt of the 20s.
    Whatever stage of life you’re in is exactly where you’re suppose to be. Be
    kind to yourself. You don’t need to do anything but be YOU. It’s your
    authenticity that draws people to you…up. down. happy.sad…being
    HUMAN…being Patricia…being a creation of divine love. So proud you of
    and you living in your truth! Nothing remains the same – life is all about
    change and growth. It’s so beautiful to watch you come into womanhood!
    Sending you love and light and a hug.ο»Ώ

  23. Kundai Benhura it’s probably from her hair/wig company πŸ’πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ