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This was the hardest video I've ever made-but it is also the number one most asked question I get, both here and in person. I've tried my best to answer with total honesty, so please respect this space and if you have comments, keep them positive and constructive.

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  1. Marnie, I think you have done the best job to maintain honesty, decency and
    integrity your videos. Thanks for all that you do!!!

  2. Great video Marnie! I have a few questions, I just may email you! Thank you
    for sharing! 🙂 Karen

  3. Great video! So true about women and making their way! I work and also do
    YouTube, I felt I was missing the connection with people that had the same
    passion as me and it has def fulfilled a space in my life. Although I make
    enough to maybe buy a nice dinner out…if Im lucky 😉 it is much more than
    that and I agree that when you start, it shouldn’t be about money…the
    natural progression of your channel happens but the passion should have
    started it. :)

  4. Thanks so much for this information. I don’t have a YouTube channel, but
    realize it takes a lot of work to maintain it. I find it fascinating how
    the behind the scenes stuff works. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the beauty &
    lifestyle stuff too. Your family is beautiful and the clogs are great fun,
    and inspirational. My kids are slightly older than yours, and I wish we
    could have traveled more the way you do with your family.

  5. Great explanation of this topic , I am new to you tube since October 2015,
    it was very helpful

  6. Great explanation. I never understand why viewers get mad at sponsored vids
    or affiliated links. It takes a long time to make videos, this is a job, no
    one works for free. As long as the You Tuber is being honest with products
    they’re promoting, its all good.

  7. Great video, Marnie! I always appreciate your honesty and transparency. I’m
    not sure why anyone would be offended by affiliate links. I hope it is a
    small percentage of people! Perhaps they are a vocal small percentage?!! 🙂
    Thank you for such great information.

  8. Great video Marnie. I don’t get it either, we spend a lot of time testing
    products, creating video content, etc. There’s more that goes into it that
    meets the eye. It’s fun, but at the same time it takes work to be
    consistent. Always enjoy your videos, and you explained this subject

  9. Kudos! You said this was the hardest video you ever made, but you handled
    it with such grace and professionalism. You explained everything very well.
    I will check out the blog post as well, because I have more questions about
    how the affiliate links work.

  10. All I can say is crap! I now buy Zoya, Colleen Rothchild, etc. . . . .
    Clicking on your links from now on!!

  11. Great video!! What would you say are the top 10 items to do when starting
    your own YT channel? Maybe do a top ten tips.

  12. Thank you Marnie. I am all for sponsored video’s. The more I learn
    before a purchase the better. Thanks for the 20% off too. Debby

  13. I’m glad you explained how it works to us, your subscribers. Now I
    understand better. Thank you.

  14. And this is another reason your are one of my fav’s. You know you are
    getting honesty and integrity when you watch one of your videos! Thank you!

  15. Marnie, you’ve really worked over the years to make the highest quality
    videos you can with obvious investments in equipment, learning, time and
    talent. I know because I’ve watched you intermittently from early on and
    have seen your improvements, your growth. An indispensable part of your
    success is your willingness to share your life (with appropriate boundaries
    of course). I hope your success continues to grow!

  16. I don’t think most people are mad at the affiliate links themselves-the
    Youtuber did put time and effort into filming, recommending the product,
    and providing a link to get it. I think the “outrage” Marnie mentioned
    stems more from youtubers making money on items purchased at a later date
    because the cookies can be stored, as she explained, up to 30 days on your
    computer. I’m happy for Marnie to earn a commission if I use her link to
    buy something from, let’s say, Nordstrom. But if I decide to go back to like 2-3 weeks later to buy a new pair of Frye boots no one
    is entitled to earn money from THAT purchase, because that had nothing to
    do with the youtuber or their product recs. Hope that made sense!

  17. A great place to look on how much money U tubers make is HAYLEEANDFAMILY…
    she explains it right to the point, lots of money made from affiliates etc,
    and yes U tubers get paid for VIEWS.. SPONSORSHIP AND ADDS. viewers have to
    watch add at least for 30 seconds…nothing complicated at all about it…

  18. Ooops just saw this, I responded to another person wondering about the
    offense some people take. I don’t think it’s the affiliate links that bug
    people (at least not me, anyway), it’s the fact that many youtubers do not
    disclose that if you visit that website even weeks later to shop the
    cookies from the link are still stored, so the Youtuber is continuing
    making $ on unrelated items that they had nothing to do with recommending,
    or linking.

  19. Thank you for sharing! Are the affiliate link commissions roughly .04 on
    the dollar or .04 total for an item like a nail polish or blush?

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