Hey guys so I've finally did it, heres a run through and explanation about my hair and how I basically style it most of the time. I hope it is useful and I've got lots of links before

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( I normally wear a frontal and 2-3 packs of hair on a unit)


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  1. hey Patricia 🙂 do you sweat a lot when you workout? and if you do, how do
    you keep your hair clean without having to wash it every single time?


  2. i’d like to see you in your natural hair someday(: you look great with all
    hair styles girl!

  3. Loool when you first put that wig on you looked like Francine from Arthur

  4. really love this!!!! Gna def start using gel to slick down my lace closure
    its ALWAYS lifting THE SHAMEEEEE 🙁 x

  5. Even tho this was like listening to another language for me cos I know
    nothing about this type of thing but this was so damn cool!

  6. +Michelle Gove ughh she means in its natural state…not a perm or
    straight. I’m sure understood that, you just wanna be a smartass

  7. +Michelle Gove I think they meant in her natural texture (curl pattern) not
    pressed (blown out and straightened).

  8. Love when the curious appreciate. God bless you for a positive comment. Not
    my video of course, lol!! But just nice to see someone not judging or being
    negative when they can’t relate. Have a wonderful day.

  9. Aww thank you! I wish more people were positive on yt so I try to only
    comment positively myself.

  10. This hair looks so amazing . Unfortunately im a poor college student and I
    can’t afford really nice hair 😂😂. So I’m just gonna wait a few more years
    for my glow up.

  11. I became natural for à year now but before you video i was thing about
    getting relaxed again. I think about trying pressing on my 4c hair but i
    need more information on it. So start doing my research i don’t want to
    destroy my hair.
    Anyways you’re slaying as always 😍

  12. I don’t wear human hair since I don’t believe in it, I also never spent
    more than $40 for 1 wig in my life and for the first 10 yrs I wore wigs no
    one knew they were wigs. Don’t under estimate. You can find hair that looks
    great on you on a budget. Especially since so many celebrities have weak
    lines now it’s over-saturated so even all of Shirley Shepherds hair, it’s
    on discount in the $25 bin, when all her wigs started out at the cost of
    $75 per week . Take advantage the time is now. Look at other YouTube wig
    reviews. Find some you like and visit those sites. Not the real hair ones
    but the synthetic ones.

  13. I absolutely loved watching this, even though I didn’t get the whole ‘u
    part’, ‘closure’ etc type things 😅 People with hair like mine don’t
    usually wear wigs/extensions etc, but I think it might be cool to
    experiment after watching this! Thanks for the info Patricia xx

  14. This video really showed me, nobody is perfect. We should always appreciate
    what we have. I can’t even imagine myself doing this on daily basis or my
    hair in general being hidden under a wig. You look stunning with and
    without it! :)

  15. I’m natural 4c and I’ve been pressing my hair regularly (once-twice a
    month) for two years now. My hair has gone from a TWA to nearly armpit
    length in nearly two years. Do your research and remember no two heads are
    the same.

  16. +sherwood991 Pf course she looks a little bit more natural with her real
    hair because it is more natural 😂 Doesn’t mean she can’t slay with her
    wigs too though, I thought she looked amazing before and after! 🔥🔥🔥

  17. +Georgina Drake I never said she didn’t look good with her wigs. I really
    don’t care what Patricia or any other woman does to her hair. All I said
    was that she looked more natural, nothing more or less. Have a good day.

  18. You are late darling, Patricia had a natural hair channel for years, where
    she and Maureen gave tips on growing hair, tuts on natural styles, did
    washes, did legnth checks, tried conditioners, and even did cornrows. I
    miss it, but her following on that channel never picked up, maybe why she
    stopped posting. Which is so funny because now everyone constantly asks
    about her natural hair.

  19. Omg your playing my favorite song in the background ” Be my girl ” but I’ve
    never heard this remix before .
    I love the hair of course lol 💕

  20. Your hair game is SO GOOD. I love your natural hair too but just like
    anyone who alters anything if it’s done well it always looks good in other
    ways too! xo

  21. but that background song though .. I’ve heard it so many times years ago
    but i cannot remember what it is. HELPPPP lol

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