Hey lovely people here are a few days in my life in vlog form I had the chance to go to the Rihanna concert and just spend some time being glam, everyone needs those days once in a while!
You’ll see I’ve been working with PayPal and used their App to pay back Shirley when we went to the Rihanna concert this week. Need to pay someone back? If you share a photo of something you’re paying someone back for and tag #MyPayBack, you could win your money back. PayPal are picking up to 100 winners every day, so you’ve got a good shot!

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  1. Yes she does…spitting image of him…he could never say he wasn’t his –
    strong genes lol!

  2. I was at Ri Ri’s concert standing right at the front! It was so live!!! I
    wish i saw you somewhere like even in the line, I would have probably
    screamed lool

  3. Mine was like 80 something hun. Whilst I was there I found out that a
    different friend got a seat ticket for like £6 cause her friends Mum works
    with them or something lol

  4. Foreal! Me too I was there from like 10am, once we got into the stadium
    everyone was running like crazy haha

  5. Ps A car is metal and iron with 4 wheels please people love life more not
    things that humans makes🌹🌹🌳🌳🌺🌺🌴🌴

  6. So If I do nothing but YouTube for a living would I be able to afford
    everything that Patricia has?

  7. Have you watched her channel at all? If you have you would know how
    extremely financially adept her and her husband are. She has a background
    in investment banking, currently owns a consulting company and a hair
    extensions line that was literally years in the making. Youtube now earns
    her an income simply because she advertises companies on her channel (and I
    believe Youtube even pays some creators by the amount of views or likes
    they have). This lady worked for everything she got so you may get a small
    income from youtube-ing but it’s the hard work and dedication to building
    herself that allows her to have what she has.

  8. It depends on views and sponsor ads. Pat has more going on than YouTube she
    has a business and is into finance and marketing. Her degree is in

    She has been doing YouTube a long time but it is one of several streams of
    income. To think that you can accomplish what she has just through YouTube
    isn’t really getting the whole picture. You have no idea everything she had
    been involved in and the investment she had made in what works for her. You
    have to find what works for you. She found what works for her.

  9. you know.. if you do youtube just for the money.. and if you’re not
    passionate about it, i bet you wouldnt even last a month. not to mention
    that you need an audience, and thats not something you easily acquire. if
    you want what Patricia has, you need to work hard like any human being that
    hustles out there. i feel like you’re just looking for the easiest way to
    make money, and lemme tell you that its definitely not youtube.

  10. What they said! Hahaha, Patricia stans are on point with these responses!
    If you put in the work she and Mike have, maybe you’ll stand a chance!

  11. I did not realize there were still places that did full service. Most gas
    stations in VA are self serve.

  12. I recently moved to NJ a year ago and its still weird that someone else
    pumps your gas. I feel like I owe them a tip

  13. Also apparently the financial markets are really affected by the Leave Vote
    so maybe, since she worked in Finance previously she might have chosen to
    vote stay. Then again who knows.

  14. I would assume she voted stay because she briefly mentioned that she was
    upset with the outcome on her snapchat.

  15. sorry for all the negative comments but your make up looks like you’ve
    tanned with huuuge sunglasses on idk..

  16. she looks so good tf are u talking about and the way you used the word
    tanned… lol come on are u that stupid

  17. Well you know they say that babies can see angels. Maybe that’s why she’s
    smiles so much.😇🙏

  18. That’s what I was saying, Grace was laughing with her angels. So cute I
    used love seeing my daughter doing that although as she got older she used
    to play peekaboo with an invisible force.