Hey Lovely people, I'm back with a Morning routine! I feel like I haven't done one of these in a long time but I'm happy to be back woop woop!
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  1. Wait, who is Grace with when you leave, I think I missed that…. Love the
    yellow sweater!!!

  2. So fab! Grace is beaut, I can’t believe Renzo no longer fits in his SnuzPod
    that was so good. He is now in his bedroom eek! X

  3. Neither does Grace it was soo good, but she tried to climb out of it one
    evening, so now shes in her cot!

  4. Patricia Bright aw bless! She is so strong, Renzo can’t sit up unaided yet
    he just falls to the side I think it’s because he is quite a big boy 22lbs
    at 6 months 😄 x

  5. I know you didn’t leave Grace in the house, obviously, but where did she
    go? Does someone mind her during the day? Also, such a beautiful name.

  6. You make this look so easy and neat. I have 2 under 4 years so don’t
    remember doing anything this fast. Grace with your bra 😂😂

  7. First person to mention looking at something positive when they pick up
    their phones in the morning. Great video 💗

  8. Grace playing with your bra 😍😍😍 she’s so cute! Can’t believe how big
    she’s gotten!

  9. Grace totally looks like her daddy and it was so cute to see her playing oh
    and with your bra by the way!😁😂
    Also thank goodness for mums as “child minders” 😉❤️

  10. Linda Tinah TV, I have 3 that are 4 and under and I’m late going down the
    street. 😂. I’m working on it though! 😂.

  11. I just died when I noticed little Grace playing with a bra in the
    background 😂. Too adorable xx.

  12. Guys, come on! She said she leaves Grace at her mother’s. Don’t you bother
    LISTENING to what she’s saying??

  13. Maya Salem she goes to her Patricia’s mum’s house or the child Minder. She
    mentioned it towards the end of the video xx

  14. Lizzie Loves totally agree with you. That snack box looks so delicious xx
    p.s I love love your channel too 💕

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