So guys yes it's about to happen, December usually marks the beginning of something new, and thats what you will hopefully see over here.
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  1. I thought you were gonna say you were quitting YouTube 😰 I was legit going
    to cry lol x

  2. that monent when u read the comments before watching the video and u
    already know its nothing bad 😑

  3. So actually bored of click bait titles 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  4. OMG! I thought she was about to stop YouTube, my heart was beating so fast
    ❤️u Pat

  5. I am an old subbie like old as in I remember u doing your hair in your
    bathroom with poor lighting lol I rarely comment but I just want to say
    that what you said is also what I feel! I feel like 2017 is going to be an
    amazing year and I am so excited. Since 2011 ive had a lot of ups and downs
    mostly down but life has been giving me little pushes to go on! this year I
    just completed my first year of Uni and I an so excited I was never a
    great student and I had kids almost as soon as I finished High School and
    my kids are everything to me! But about a year ago I realized that I would
    never be able to provide the life that I want to give my kids if I didn’t
    get my degree so that’s why I went back and I was never a great student but
    this year I buckled down and after working all day I hit those books hard!!
    ive been so dedicated and I am so pround of my self I know that next year
    when I finish I will Uni that I am going to do some amazing things I have
    major dreams and I don’t know why but I feel this excitement that 2017 is
    going to be a great year for me! I didn’t say all that so that I could win
    a laptop but I do hope I win one! I do most my school work at my work or at
    the library until they kick me off and its getting kind of hard so I really
    hope I can win one of the laptops! I been saving for a laptop but dang it
    if life dosent show up with something lol any ways thanks for getting me
    even more excited for 2017 I am glad someone else is also excited love you

  6. I follow you on Instagram, snapchat and YouTube on both accounts. I don’t
    have a twitter though 😭

  7. Dounia Shaaban i immediately started to read the comments before listening
    to what Patricia has to say

  8. Girl you had me worried a first damnn, but I can’t wait for these future
    videos soo excited 😍✨

  9. Patricia, I wanna be you when I grow up! You’re soo pretty, love your top!!

  10. ok so what about the subscribe that only follow you on ig and youtube can
    we enter to?

  11. Ooh, liar or not 🙂 you just made my day. Have a great day, Patricia-you
    and your beautiful family

  12. Patricia Bright my heart was in my mouth 😥😥😥
    .. lookbook with the lbd in your instagram 🤗🤗please ..much love from

  13. i am so ready for 2017. i am believing God for a miracle that i hve been
    praying so long for and cant wait for him to answer my prayers.

  14. I agree, but technically this isn’t clickbait… She DID have something to
    tell us lmao…

  15. I have been watching since “fine girl no pimple” (me and my sister still
    quote it till this day) 😂😂 over the years I have found myself falling
    more in love with you! I always look forward to your videos Patricia, I’m
    literally addicted to you and your family lol. Your smile is infectious and
    I always leave your channel with a smile on my face. thanks for always
    being there for us Patricia! Love ya ❤️❤️❤️

  16. Btw will there a tutorial on this look? You done snatched my edges😫😂😍

  17. Anna Thomas … It's ok we can forgive Pat for just about

  18. @manouk – I know right. This one even had a click bait thumb nail. I didn’t
    even watch the video I just read the comments. Realised it was click bait
    and left.

  19. Monash K Amen. It has been written and you have already received it. 2017
    is going to be a beastly for us all (good beastly lol) 🙂